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Harley Poe - Time Of The Month Chords (First Version)

Harley Poe - Time Of The Month Chords (First Version) Chords / Tabs

Harley Poe - Time Of The Month Chords First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Harley Poe. Other chords and tabs for the "Time Of The Month Chords" can find at the bottom of the page.


d du   d du    d du   dd
d du   d du     ddu  ddu

E      E         E          E
The moon tonight, it shines so bright
E               E             G        D
reflects off your teeth as you snarl and bite
E            E            E           E
Your breasts, grow hair, you know I don't care
E           E          G         D
You're still my gal but I would not dare
E         E            E           E
Upset you now, there's sweat on my brow
E         E             G        D
I swallow my pride and you start to growl
E    E      E              E
That time again, because of your sin
E          E            G        D
You're on the rag and the killings begun Hup!
E       E         E        E
Up and down the streets of town,
E          E             G         D
I look for a wolf, but she can't be found
E           E                E         E
Oh girl is it wrong when you're in that thong?
E        E          G        D
When I know you won't be a girl for long
E        E          E        E
You sl*t! You tease! You dancing sleaze!
E        E             G          D
I'm on my knees and I'm begging you please
E         E          E              E
Come home before you change for the worse
E               E         G            D
It runs in your family girl, you got the curse!
A (bar on 5th fret)
C           D
You're emotional to say the least
G               E
But you make a lovely beast
C                   D
It's not your fault that you're a b**ch
G          E
not like a vampire or witch
C                D
you're on all fours it turns me on
G               E
But I think that I should run
C            D (STOP)
You're ravenous. IT'S YOUR TIME OF THE MONTH


(can play intro or verse for this part)

(Time-time-Time of the month!) It's your time of the month!

Sometimes I wish that you were dead

despite the way you move and how you play with my head

But God has left you empty and the mark is on your hand

A silver bullet through your heart I hope you understand.