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Frank Turner - The Next Round (First Version)

Frank Turner - The Next Round (First Version) Chords / Tabs

Frank Turner - The Next Round First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Frank Turner. Other chords and tabs for the "The Next Round" can find at the bottom of the page.

Frank Turner – THE NEXT ROUND
Rock & Roll EP

This is another great song from Frank Turner, and its fairly straight forward. Im pretty
sure this is correct,
however there are a few bits that might have variations and stuff but you can play
around with them yourself.

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(apologies as the apostrophes didnt work, so the abbreviation for 'we are' looks like 'were'!)



(I have written in some of the variations to the strumming pattern, just play around
with them, but dont feel like you have to use them every time)
C                                 G
|G|---2/4-2-0-----0-STRUM-TO------0----2/4-2-0-----0-STRUM-TO--0-0--| X2

I drink cos Im thirsty,               I drink cos Im dry.
Im not yet quite 30,                  But I feel like Im dying.

Am   G   C  B7  Em        A       C  D/F#   G
(I drink cos)                   (with my time)

I drink cos I want to, cos I need to, cos I dont know, what else to do,
With my time,
I wont say it, but you can see it, in my eyes

VERSE 2 (as above)
You drink cos youre lonely, you drink cos youre sad.
You always claim every party, was the best time youve ever had.
You drink cos youre scared of, a life of, living off your own company.
You wont say it, but I can see it, in your eyes.

(Dont play the last picking part of the verse, go straight into this G)

G  G7            Am  C  G            Am  C  G   D7#9 Cadd9  G
(of all)            (a lonely)

Of all of the thing I could become, a lonely drunkerd isnt one,
For which I would have wished, when I was young.

Am  C  G            Am  C  G    Dm   C        Am   D
(the drink)         (I tried)   (but life)    (pills don't)

(on the last Am and D, open string and hammer the D and e string respectively - 0h2 - if
you listen you can here when it is)

The drink has drunk my life away, I tried to live like Hemmingway,
But life just doesnt work that way, pills dont kill the pain,
They just delay.

VERSE 3 (as above)
We drink cos were scared that, that if we should stop,
The good times will go away, but the bad times will not,
And what if its over, and were sober,
And we still feel like were fixing to die,
What then?

You wont say it, but I can see it, in your eyes

(this requires rhythmic up and down strokes gradually building until you are hammering
out the
chords and screaming that youre about to buy your mates a drink! Emphasise the E string
on the
down and the e string on the up.)

G            Gmaj9           Em7#5
d u d u d u  d  u  d  u  d u d u d u d u  d u d u d u

The next rounds on me (repeat until end)

Finish on:

G   D   C