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King Crimson - Cadence And Cascade (First Version)

King Crimson - Cadence And Cascade (First Version) Chords / Tabs

King Crimson - Cadence And Cascade First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) King Crimson. Other chords and tabs for the "Cadence And Cascade" can find at the bottom of the page.


Per a request, I am reposting this tab of....

"Cadence and Cascade"
King Crimson, from the 1970 album In The Wake of Poseidon
Written by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfeld (lyrics)

(NOTE: This is not from any book, magazine, whatever, so it's not a
professional transcription, per se.   Still, this sounds pretty good.  Please

(YET ANOTHER NOTE: there really is no need for a transcription key; this is a
simple accoustic song with no taps, slides, etc.  Of course you may add what
you like to enhance the song).

a: (instrumental)
b: Cadence   and    cascade      Kept a man       named  Jade;
c: Cool      in the   shade      While his au-dience   played.
d: Sliding        mystified      On the wine       of the tide
e: Stared         pale-eyed      As his veil       fell aside.

|1:             |2:       |
|---9---7---5---|---------|  [do one time as intro, second &
|--------------.|--2-----.|   third times are first verse, then
|---9---8---6---|----2----|   cut to chorus]


a: Purred,  whispered, Rspend us tooS                   1st
b: We       only                     serve for you...S / chorus
c: Sad      paper      courtesan                 2nd
d: They     found him                just a man / chorus
|1:          |2:


|2 (cont'd):
|-9-8-6--------|  (Now go back to verse, alternating picking
|--------------|   order on arpeggios, etc.  Listen to the
|--------------|   recording for the exact order)
|------------- |

[then, without playing the verse ending, play the bridge as chords (mostly) in
this order:]

[use these chords]
F#min7         Amin7    Emin7   Amaj7
__2__         __0__   __0__   __0__
__2__         __1__   __3__   __2__
__2__         __0__   __3__   __1__
__2__         __2__   __0__   __2__
__4__         __0__   __2__   __0__
__2__         __0__   __0__   _____

F#m7 (or Amj7)    Am7                     Em7               Am7
Caravan hotel    where the sequin spell fell, Custom of the game

F#m7                  Am7                Em7
Cadence oiled in love lied hand, Cascade

(see below)
kissed his name.

[arpeggiate Amaj7 on first ending, then for 2nd ending:]

|--1--------|   [do verse one more time (instrumental) and cut
|----0------|   into a final, lyrical chorus:

Sad paper courtesan
They knew him just a man.
[fade out with improvised (lots of flute, piano going on) guitar in F#min &
G#minor (I think)]

[That's it, hope you enjoy.  I've been looking for a TAB for this song for
awhile, I finally had to do it myself]
-Jason Zack

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