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Lifehouse - Everything (Third Version)

Lifehouse - Everything (Third Version) Chords / Tabs

Lifehouse - Everything Third Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Lifehouse. Other chords and tabs for the "Everything" can find at the bottom of the page.

This song is one of the many excellent works of art by who I think is the greatest band of all time, Lifehouse’s mesmerizing lyrics and soft guitars really get into your soul.  Thanks to Lifehouse for composing such wonderful music for us to listen to and learn from.

Standard tuning

Finger picked

This picking is played throughout the whole song.

-soft and fast-
--------------- 5– 4–5 -------------------- 5--4---5------------------|
----------- 6 --------------------------- 6--------4--------------------|
------- 6 --------------------------- 6 ---------------------------------|
--- 4 --------------------------- 4 -------------------------------------|

I found that these three cords sound pretty good in the background.


This song sounds best on an acoustic guitar, but if you play it on an electric,
play it with no gain and turn the bass tone up and the treble tone down to cut
out the high ring on the B string.

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