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Isaak Chris - Forever Blue (First Version)

Isaak Chris - Forever Blue (First Version) Chords / Tabs

Isaak Chris - Forever Blue First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Isaak Chris. Other chords and tabs for the "Forever Blue" can find at the bottom of the page.

Sorry, these are only chords.  There was one chord whose name I didn't
so I called it Q.  If you know the name of the chord, please tell me.  I
welcome any comments or insults **CONCERNING THE CHORDS**, not anything
Merry Christmas!!!

Q   Gm(10th fret)  Em(7th fret)  Dm(5th fret)
E     2        10             7             5
B     1        11             8             6
G     1        12             9             7

A   F#m   C#m
A   F#m   C#m
D   A   E7  A
F   E7  A   E7

A     F#m    C#m      A
Nobody ever warns you
F#m     C#m  D
or tells you what to do
A   E7                 A    F
She walks away,    you=92re left to stay
E7    A    E7
Alone, forever blue

A              F#m         C#m      A
The stars have all stopped shining
F#m          C#m    D
The sun just won=92t break through
A    E7                   A     F
Each day=92s the same,    more clouds more rain
Life, forever blue

Q                        A        Q
Forever blue =91cause you love her
A   D
but she doesn=92t love you
A    E7               A    F
You did your best,    life did the rest
E7    A    E7
You=92re left forever blue

Repeat the intro part for the no-vocals part
(the first part, however, goes like this:
A   F#m   C#m =20
-6---5--|D  =20
If you=92re confused, listen to the damned CD!

A          F#m     C#m     A
No reason left for living
F#m    C#m   D
still there=92s a lot to do
A   E7               A    F
New tears to cry,    old songs to sing
E7    A    F
and feel forever blue
E7    Gm  Em  Dm   A
and be forever              blue


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