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Hiatt John - Radio Girl (First Version)

Hiatt John - Radio Girl (First Version) Chords / Tabs

Hiatt John - Radio Girl First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Hiatt John. Other chords and tabs for the "Radio Girl" can find at the bottom of the page.

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John Hiatt / Overcoats 1975

Get in your car and go
Dependin' on how you feel
Turn up your radio
DJ says the love is real
He thinks it's the latest sensation
5                  |6-          /        /  /^5 |4 5/4 4
And you just keep changin' the station               >
/     ||
(believe me baby)

Do you know what love is about
Heard it on your stereo
Ev'rybody does without
Brokenhearted comic book hero
Don't worry your pretty little head now honey
It's only top twenty
Whoah oh oh

1           5
Radio girl  Radio girl
Livin' for that three minute song
Welcome to the real world
Transistor sister
That's right mister
|6-  (above ending)
The Radio Girl

And ev'rybody's waiting for
Fairy godmother to show
You ain't holdin^Г’ your breath anymore
Turn up the radio
Here's a song just came in from left field
And you^Г’re goin' rite thru the windshield


They wanna know
What's wrong with you
They want you to
Come out and play
You're gonna push in all the buttons
Blow them all away
They got their whole lives to tell you
How much stuff they can sell you


Number System:  Key Scale Notes (example in key of C)
1=C  2=D  3=E  4=F  5=G  6=A  7=B  9=D  ETC.
b2=Db     #4=F#          b7=Bb
These hold true for BASS NOTES [ 2-/5 = D-/G ]

Duration Notation:
| = bar line; within bar lines chords divide measure
No bar line = chord gets entire measure's time
/ = play same as previous chord, beat or measure