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Concrete Blonde - Little Conversation (Second Version)

Concrete Blonde - Little Conversation (Second Version) Chords / Tabs

Concrete Blonde - Little Conversation Second Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Concrete Blonde. Other chords and tabs for the "Little Conversation" can find at the bottom of the page.

I have been trying to work out some songs and I posted a few a while ago,
If you or anyone else out there could help me work some stuff out that
would be cool (the chords to the chorus of Rain would be cool. I know
the intro) Failing that, just tell me any favourites and if I know them
I'll send them to you
Heres one for today off 'FREE'. This is what I posted a while ago,
I think I would like to add to it a little but that will have to wait

LITTLE CONVERSATIONS      by Concrete Blonde
--------------------      off the album FREE

Heres a song I think sounds pretty good on an accoustic
I show in tab how to play the C-G-Am pattern in the verses
Use your ring finger to do the C and G bass notes in the Am part
I used to think he only was playing C bass notes but I gave it
another listen to last night and I think he throws the odd
G-bass note in
I'm not too sure about the fills but theyre close enough to
keep me happy.

verse rhythm
C    G    Am
^not first time

fill 1
p     p

end fill
p     p     p

C      G     Am         C     G    Am
The little conversation, was over very soon
C       G    Am             F             G
And I watch in admiration from my corner of the room
C       G        Am
And they shine on me with starry eyes
C       G        Am
And they rain a friendly storm
C     G        Am
Like kids around a christmas tree
F                 G
And then you smile all nice and warm

F            G             C           Am
These little conversations, if I try my very best
F               G           C           Am (fill 1)
You know I never could say anything in 20 words or less
F                 G                  C            Am
Somewhere sometime down the line, someday I may confess
F          G
and tell you all, thats all

The little conversations on me are very rough
They leave me all in pieces
You know theres never time enough
Its like a book with missing pages
A story incomplete
Its like a painting left unfinished
It feels like not enough to eat - starving..

You know these little conversations
Well for me they'll never do
Now what am I supposed to do
With broken sentences of you
I'll stay in my corner
Cos thats all that I can do
Let the others think for me
F            G          C Am
Little conversations are we
C G Am   C G Am
Are we   C G Am