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Zao - Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest (First Version)

Zao - Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest (First Version) Chords / Tabs

Zao - Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Zao. Other chords and tabs for the "Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest" can find at the bottom of the page.

Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears
To Think Of You Is To Treasure An Absent Memory
A Fall Farewell
Ravage Ritual
Fifteen Rhema
For A Fair Desire
The Latter Rain

Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears
Your eyes search for me for so long i've wanted to
come home held back by lies of serpents and tongues
of brothers turning a child into an enemy turning open
arms into closed fists i could see the reflection in the
tears that made their way down Your face onto the
ground i kneel upon they form a river that overtakes
me compassion envelops me i forgive and release
forgive release forgiven released

To Think Of You Is To Treasure An Absent Memory
when you shut your eyes and fell asleep dark clouds
descended on the souls of the ones who held you close
to their hearts and the rain that came gently met your
tears they became one and seeped into the earth i
watched from a distance and... my heart broke open
as if to tell them... the beauty of an embrace a place
to lay down the pain where blood and fire bring rest
and peace i sit away in a secret place the shadow of
wings i think of you and my heart breaks open

A Fall Farewell
in a time of quietness i reflect on childhood
memories caught wisping through my mind falling
leaves create the stage words spoken were not
cherished on the last day of our friendship and
those words were possibly the last what were your
thoughts as a dreaming child i awaken to a nightmare
after a gentle nudge i find out you're gone the
machines that kept you alive were careless did you
ask Him to forgive you before you passed on you
slipped away into the ground.. you broke the vanity...
you brought the silence ... (i hope you are with Jesus.)

my strength fades away slowly with the setting sun the
night brought its darkness and its storms and the floods
that came reflected a dull moon violent winds raged
beneath the stars that didn't shine emptied of myself
i fell to the ground slowly through the destruction came
a single quiet voice and the breath of His words consumed
the night and brought strength i have never felt on my own
and He held me up until i could walk again and promised to
stay by my side forever

my sight finally returns only to see my hands covered with
the innocent blood of those i stand before as an example
and i hold this ember in my heart it reminds me of who I was
once. ember of Your faithfulness ember of Your still small
voice ember of embracing arms ember of rebirth to You my
King i offer up this ember for the wind of Your Spirit to
consume consumed by fire to purge their blood from my hands

Ravage Ritual
turned away by a misrepresentation stained glass and white
washed tombs the hearts of those who spoke to you were
never homes to the God they tried to show you they spoke
out of prejudice and ritualism they themselves were lost
angels fold their wings and weep along with us watching
you shun Christ's sacrifice

Fifteen Rhema
my heart is deceived by my eyes my actions in the name of
beauty i'm sickened and strangled by myself that i would
allow an unyielded desire to lead me astray put to shame
manifestations of Your grace fill me revelations of
forgiveness wounds healed by wounds the Father's
mercy peace beyond understanding love from You
that i don't deserve i shut my eyes i still my feelings
listening with closed eyes i rest in Your guidance
trusting You sensing You i listen
and hear...abide in me

For A Fair Desire
let me not exist for a fair desire sweet and fresh are
my expectations of this inner strength that yearns
passionately for the endowment of the Father i sow
in tears that later i shall reap in joy each drop that i
sow will be a time of breaking come Holy Spirit empower
your creation through times of breaking the planting of
tears as i am broken your presence grows stronger and i
feel You with me upholding me through it all

The Latter Rain
a ring of haze encircles the unshrouded truth within
another seal is broken as the heavens prepare to break
forth in fulfillment a blanket of deception is layered on
sacred writings which contain the thoughts of the One
who is Almighty a sword unsheathed is drawn bringing
legions of demons to their knees by the knowledge of a
covenant prepared before the earth itself still so many
choose to warm themselves beneath deception as the end
draws near and history closes i pray the winds and the
rain of that which is latter will bring clarity and
understanding of Your infallible Word let the lack
of knowledge be lifted off Your people