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Droge Pete - Sunspot Stopwatch (Second Version)

Droge Pete - Sunspot Stopwatch (Second Version) Chords / Tabs

Droge Pete - Sunspot Stopwatch Second Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Droge Pete. Other chords and tabs for the "Sunspot Stopwatch" can find at the bottom of the page.

A fine tune from Pete's Necktie Second (his first album on American).
This is track 7. This song is (c) 1994 Deadman's Hat Music (ASCAP).

Sunspot Stopwatch (P. Droge)

Intro:	||: E B-C#m  B-A  C#m-B :||

E                                        B  C#m
Verse	With your sunspot stopwatch renegade savior stances
1:	                    B     A
You'll say to take your chances
C#m   B
Or else you'll break your branches as you climb
E                                      B    C#m
To that top shelf tuna melt buckle up your seatbelt Ricki Lee Jones
B    A
And everything that you think you own
C#m B
Is fool's gold and ancient fossil stones

(intro melody)

E                                          B   C#m
Verse	You got more than you need but you need a lot more than some do
2:                      B     A
Look at your cigarette burn through
C#m B
The things you can't un-do if you try
Well that's tough luck King Tutt, Daffy Duck
B  C#m
Never got old babe
B    A
They'll bury you with gold, yea
C#m B
Is that enough to hold you for today?

A                    B
Bridge: And I got to hand it to you
A                      B
Why do you do what you do?
C#m                       B  A
It's times like this I'm glad that I ain't you
C#m  B
You think you got the devil on retreat
But he's back up on his feet and he's lookin' for you

(intro melody)

Verse	With your monkey wrench you'll dig a trench
3:                                  B      C#m
And don't ya see the lights they're shinin'
B   A
Shut up 'n' quit yer whinin'
C#m     B
Four star restaurant's dinin' in the shade
Well then your miniskirt'll hit the dirt
B   C#m
And baby you'll be cryin' 'n' bleedin'
B     A
You'll bite the hand that's feedin'
C#m  B
And then you're back there pleadin' for your soul

(intro melody)