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Broadway - Corner Of The Sky (First Version)

Broadway - Corner Of The Sky (First Version) Chords / Tabs

Broadway - Corner Of The Sky First Version: chords and tabs for the song. Watch chords and tablatures for all songs of the singer (group) Broadway. Other chords and tabs for the "Corner Of The Sky" can find at the bottom of the page.

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~Note to Olga, this is a slightly improved version than the version I sent
you on Friday 7/13.

Corner of the Sky
music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
chord pro format

I think this works adequately but if anyone can make any improvements to
it, please do. -Mathew

Chord formations:

Bb 1333XX
Am7 010200
Gm  33355X
Gsus 330023
Dm 213000

Starting note for verses is G (Third string open).
Starting note for choruses is C (Second string, first fret)

Verse one:
[C] Everything has its sea[F]son, [C]Everything has its t[F]ime,
[C] Show me a rea[F]son and Ill [C] soon show you a [G] rhyme.
[Bb] Cats fit on the window sill, [C] Children fit in the sn[Am7]ow.
[Gm] Why do I feel I dont fit in anywhere I [C] go?

[F]Rivers belong where they can r[Gsus]amble,
[Em] Eagles belong where t[Em7]hey can f[F]ly.
[C] Ive got to [Dm] be where my [G] spirit can run fr[Am]ee.
[F] Got to find [C] my corner [Gm] of the sk[C]y.

[C] Every man has his day[F]dreams, [C] Every man has his [F] goals.
[C] People like the [F] way dreams have of [C] sticking to the [G] soul.
[Bb] Thunderclouds have their lightening.  [C] Nightingales have their
[Am7] song.
[Gm] And dont you see Iwant my life to be something more than [C] long?


[C] So many men seem des[F]tined to [C] settle for something [F] small,
[C] but I wont [F] rest until I [C] know Ill have it [G] all.
[Bb]So dont ask where Im going, but [C] listen when Im [Am7] gone.
[Gm] And far away youll hear me singing softly to the [C] dawn.